Board Meeting Notes


Stoughton Teachers Association
PO Box 902
Stoughton, MA 02072

Next Executive Board Meeting ~ Sept. 8 ~ OMS ~ 3:15






From President Andrea Pires:

Your dues dollars have been hard at work!

Today we witnessed the end result of a huge victory for the STA, and we were reminded of the benefits of belonging to a union. This victory did not require a march on the School Committee or leafleting the schools at drop off. All it took was your signature on the membership form when you came to the new teacher orientation in your first year, and you allowed payroll to deduct union dues from your paychecks.

When our STA negotiation team learned that our step increases were going to be illegally withheld on the last day of school almost a year ago, we immediately put in a phone call to our MTA Field Rep, Jackie McDonough. On that last day of school, we sent her the papers that should have been our contract agreement with our step and lane placement for the following year, but they weren’t. She compiled all of this information, as well as years and years of member contract agreements and dates of delayed contract negotiations, and began to build a case against the School Committee. She contacted our MTA Attorney, Ira Fader, and he began to turn the evidence compiled by Jackie into a case to present to the Division of Labor Relations.

Almost a year after filing at the Division of Labor Relations, we received news from Ira that we had won our case! You should have received a check today due to that victory, but Jackie and Ira are not finished yet! They wish to ensure that the decision is satisfactorily met. They have asked the Superintendent the following questions and they are awaiting a response. These questions are:

We will update you on the answers when we receive them from Dr. Rizzi. In the meantime, please compare your check to the numbers in the green contract to make sure the amount you received is accurate.
Jackie, Ira, and many of the other staff members at the MTA continue to work for the Stoughton Teachers as we prepare for our Class Action Lawsuit, pending ULPs, and obtaining the contract we ratified. Gotta love your dues dollars hard at work fighting for your legal rights! Imagine if we weren’t part of the union? The hard earned money you received today would have never been paid!