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Andrea Pires' Presentations to the School Committee:

A Tale of TwoTowns

Good evening.   I am Andrea Pires, President, Stoughton Teachers Association.

I will begin this evening with a tale of two towns.

Over this past weekend, I had an opportunity to speak with the President of the Milton Educators Association.  Milton is similarly situated to us in that their teacher contract expired on August 31st.     The MEA held their general membership meeting last week and their members are beginning to engage in crisis activities very similar to ours.

The Dysfunction Must Stop

We’re not here tonight to argue over the details of one issue or another.

Yes, teachers are concerned that the School Committee returned over three quarters of a million dollars to the Town disregarding the needs of SPED parents who should have access to a full-time Administrator of Special Education.

Yes, teachers are concerned that over three quarters of a million dollars is being returned to the Town when we cannot find SPED aides to work in our classrooms to meet the critical needs of our students.