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School Committee ratifies teachers' contract.

The Stoughton School Committee and the Stoughton Teachers Association are pleased to announce that the School Committee voted to ratify the teachers' contract 4-2 at a special school committee meeting held on Thursday, June 26th.  Dr. Carol Brown joined Dr. Erdem Ural, Joaquin Soares and Katy Pina-Enokian to ratify the same contract that had been deadlocked at 3-3 at the last vote on May 27.

"Stoughton teachers have always wanted to settle a reasonable contract and focus exclusively on our students. Throughout the 15-month protracted contract negotiations, we always put our students first," said Andrea Pires, South School Elementary teacher and STA President. 

"I am honored to represent dedicated colleagues who devote their professional lives to Stoughton students. The bond between teachers, students and parents is strong. We cannot overstate how meaningful the outpouring of parent support has been during these negotiations. I applaud the Stoughton teachers, Erdam Ural, Joe Soares, Katy Pina-Enokian and Carol Brown for voting to ratify this settlement and move our schools forward," said Pires.

As part of the deal, the STA agreed to withdraw the pending lawsuit that was filed in Superior Court over the Town and School Committee's unlawful withholding of step increases.

"From the beginning, we have said that we would not proceed with the lawsuit and would forego more than $1 million in penalties and fines against the Town if we could come to terms on a fair contract. The vote on May 27 to reject the tentative agreement with the new school committee team that was negotiated with the assistance of a private mediator caused the lawsuit to be filed, but we will honor our initial offer and withdraw the pending lawsuit,” added John Gunning, O'Donnell Middle School teacher and incoming STA President.

School Committee Chair Dr. Ural said, “I am happy that the 15-month ordeal is finally over. This contract is a great deal for Stoughton. I am looking forward to a productive relationship between the School Committee and its employees.”

School Committee negotiation team member Joaquin Soares added,  "I want to thank the teachers for being very level headed and very profession during the 15 months of negotiations.  I know the teachers love their students  and their jobs and would never compromise the children no matter what the reason. It is now time to make Stoughton schools better than they ever were.”

"It's a modest and reasonable settlement," noted Melanie Ingrao, High School teacher and STA Negotiation Chair. "The terms are in line or are less than the last three settlements negotiated with former school committee teams dating back to 2004. We're pleased to move forward and return in September with the negotiations resolved.”