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November 9, 2014
T0:     S.T.A. Membership
From:  John Gunning, S.T.A. President

How would you feel about losing your license to teach - not just your job - based on your evaluation or your students' test scores or on parent and student feedback?

On Monday, October 20, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released proposed changes to requirements for both initial licensure and re-licensure. A day later, the DESE held its first “town hall” hearing about these proposals. Members who attended the first session reported that the conversations were controlled and participants were not given the option of challenging the faulty premises being promoted by DESE.   

Meanwhile, Commissioner Mitchell Chester is telling MTA leadership that educators support these changes.  In making this claim, he cites focus groups that convened last Spring.  The town halls are designed to validate their pre-determined outcomes.

As educators, we must speak out and discredit these carefully orchestrated town meetings before your license to teach goes into the policy pipeline. 

Now is the time to act!

Send an e-mail
Please send an email TODAY to let state education officials know you oppose the “performance-based licensure” system that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is considering. Tell them, “NONE OF THE ABOVE!” to all proposals to link your license to your local evaluation and/or student test scores.

Attend a town hall meeting.
Attend a town hall meeting in your area.   See below "None of the Above".

Logistics and Transportation
Please tell your Building Rep:
            Do you plan to attend?
            Would you be interested in riding on a bus with colleagues to Bridgewater?  (If we have at least 25 interested, MTA will charter a bus.  We must have names.)

Tell state education officials how you feel about DESE’s “policy options” that could cost you your teaching license based on your evaluation or other performance measures.
No other profession links licensure to job-based performance!

Thursday, November 20, 2014
4:30 pm – 7:00 pm (arrive at 4:15 pm)
Bridgewater State University
Crimson Hall – Dunn Conference Room
200 East Campus Drive
Bridgewater, MA

Let them know you support “none of the above” at this DESE “town hall” event and by sending Commissioner Chester and BESE members an

Educate, Ogranize, Mobilize, Unionize!
Show solidarity by joining the movement at Bridgewater State!